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My Life Is rather Stale

Life is so boring. Everywhere I look there is nothing interesting. From the pencil on the desk to the teacher blabbing in about whatever subject they where most okay with and took as a major in there uni years.

Everything is so so plain.
The temperature in the room has an almost cool calm feel to it. The room is mostly quite except for the teacher who is still going at it as if we care for what they are attempting to teach. The teacher is a moderately heavy set man in his late 40s. He appears to have been balding for most of the 40 years. He has a very distasteful face in general with a uneven 5 o’clock shadow. He must have been in a rush this morning. On his left ear I see what looks to be shaving cream. This man hates me with a passion. He has attempted to get me expelled from the school many times but has failed each time. So now he goes out of his way to make my life hell. I’ve reported it to the deen of the section but they can’t do anything due to his ten year status.

Today he is going on about the World War II. Normally I’d be reading but today Mr.Jackass took my book and said I was disrupting the class and setting a bad example to the other students. He even went so far as took look through my bag to obtain my alternative reading material. Damn him. So now I just sit here analyzing this pencil that I hold in my hand. It is a cross between yellow and tan color and is approximately four inches long. It is branded with the letters JH to show ownership. It has eight faces and approximately 12% of the eraser has been used.The lecture that I have been told to listen to has been overly strung out. He has explained the Americans involvement four times now. He knows his old raspy smoke ridden voice annoys me and I swear he uses it to his advantage.
I start to daze in to nothingness. To the eternal bordom that is this class. Then I think to myself:

“”I wish I could meet someone who could ease my boredom.
Some one who would say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.
Someone who would listen to my radicalisms and understand my view on life.
I wish for someone to be with me and do and saywhat I wish.””

Just as I start to nod off for a nap I hear a loud screech of a chair to my left.As I turn my head I start to hear: “Cant you just shut up already. You’ve covered this already and honestly your voice is horrible. “ This girl Just said what I was thinking.”Also would you give Jun back his book. He has the highest grade in the class and he obviously doesn’t need to pay attention to your lame excuse for a lecture. “

Great now I’m involved

She was average. In every aspect. Approximately five feet six inches. Slightly slimmer than the other girls in the class. Medium lenght hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. I recognise her but I’ve yet to know her name, little alone been formally introduced. She is wearing a light gray jeans and a white sweater. The sweater appears to be rather old almost vintage. It definitely have been through the wash several times. Looking at her hands that where violently thrown at the table I notice thumb holes in the sleeves.

At that moment that she yelled at the asshole of the year the class bell rang. He looked feriouse yet intemadated. It took aproxmently two minutes for the class to empty. There was only me mistery girl and cuck of the year. Just as i started getting up she said: “” Wait for me outside please”” came from her mouth.
Woah her demeanor is so strong it could bend the will of the strongest men.i quickly walked on the extremely old carpet to the door. On the carpet you can see the outline of every large object that ever took up residence.
After what felt like only a few seconds she came out book in hand.

As soon as she closed the door behind her. She opens the crisp book.

“” Hmmmmm I held you in a higher regard Mr.juube. Manga and of all things a generic ecchi harem. “” 

HEY! Don’t judge me I’m just lonely and all they sell nowadays.

“”Well Juube you still had the opportunity to not buy this trash. You could have picked up a classic like Shakespeare, Chaucer, or even Homer””

As she is saying this she is jokingly looking down at me. She had a slight glimmer in her eye while she was going off on her tirade. At the end of each syllable her mouth rested on a half smile.
“”Any way he won’t bug you anymore. I don’t believe we’ve been formally introduced. I know you are Juube, I don’t like my name so you can call me Lith or Heeme. Most people call me Here due to what my dad does””

OK Nice to meet you I’m Juube.

“”Yea I got that””


 So thanks for this. 
Right at the end of the last siliable of the word the two minute warning bell rings. We both nod like grown ups and go different directions. I have lunch so I start meandering twords the lunch room.


I’ve been walking forever now. Just keep on. It is soo dry out. With each step I feel the grit if the dirt on the cement. After a while my feet start to get the grit between my toes. This irritates me beyond no end. I should have remembered to grab a bigger bottle of water before I left. I killed the last of the water a few hours ago. As I pull my gaase up from my feet I spot what long to be a very old building. Looks like a old Cathedral. I can see the partially together stainglass window from here. It looks like a women crying or worshiping something.I bet it would have be a stunning picture years ago.the only complete image is a man in what looks to be a pool of water. I think I’ll stay there for the night. If I’m lucky there will be some water there.

I get off of the grity cement in favor of dirt. If I take heavy steps I can feel the coolness of the ground. When I was younger there was this thing called grass. That grew green everywhere. That was before the change. All I remember was we had to stay in a small house under ground for a long time. It has been just me for a while now.

On my 12th birthday my father came down sick. He had to go up on the big world to find us food. He came back a few days later with loads of food but he was soo weak that my mom had to go help him get in. That night it was really hard to sleep cause dad kept throwing up. It stoped about 9 hours after he cam in.Later the next day mom told me to go play while she helped dad get more food. I didn’t see dad anymore from then on. When ever I asked mom she told me he left to find even more food.
As I was thinking if that I tripped into the building I’ve been walking to. It was extremely large. The steps to enter the building where large and thick. I climb each stair one at a time. There was 16 in total. When I got to the door I listened. Stephia told me to always listen before I entered a new building. If I heard anyone I had to run away because they could be mean.
I miss Stephia a lot. She kept me safe when I was younger and she was a great older sister. She taught me how to survive and read and write. She was soo cool and smart. She hated it when I said it but she was very pretty too. She had long black hair and hazel eyes. She always kept her hair pulled up into what she called a ponytail. She told be there was an animal named a pony that bad a tail that looked like her hair but I still don’t understand.
I listen to the cool building I was in the shade so the heat of the day didn’t bother me at all. I just listened. No sounds. I get my knife out and put it on my tent pole like a army man. Stephia said this was the best way to keep my self safe when she wasn’t around.
I slowly open the door.
It was real dark and smelled like old. There was a lot of dust everywhere. I walk up the center isle carefully and quietly. The floor was soo cool it felt great. I’ve been trying to wipe my feet on the ground that is when I saw it. It was several cases of water and food that looked like they haven’t moved in a long time.
Stephia told me to be careful around large amounts of food. She told me that people like to hide it from other people so they can be greedy. I look around go up on the stage and take a bottle of water out of the open case. I down the hole bottle in less than a minute. I grab another two bottles and put them in my bag. I go too the other side of the stage and look at cans. Most look really old and some even have rust on the out side. I grab few cans of beans cause theyre my favorite. As I’m restacking the cans to make it look like I didn’t take any I find a 2 bags of beef jerky. This is by far my favorite thing to eat. I grab both and shove the into my bag then I zip it up. I put the used bottle back where I found it and grab another bottle for the road.

I wish I could sleep here but it isn’t safe. What if someone else walks in on all of this food. As I’m thinking about where to go I notice the sun is setting. As I see it I rember another thing Stephia said”If you can’t get to safty before nighttime you should get out of eye site. Like hide behind big things or hide on top of it.”
Rembering that I start looking around. There are what looks like big tubes going from a box to the ceiling about half way through there was a bend that I couldn’t see past.the perfect spot to sleep. I start climbing with my bag. It seems to be taller and taller each inch I go up.
After what seems to be forever I was able to make it to the bend. Just behind the pipes there is a nice wood plank that was sterty. I move the plank far back and start to got my bed stuff ready. Got my dinner open and started eating when I heard a loud gargling sound slowly fade in. Stephia told me to run if I ever heard that noise. She said the people in the cars would try to hurt me.

Just as I was getting my stuff together I hear a creeeeeeek. And a bang.

Now the only way out was through them.

Escape from the Ronin II v0.01 & Moe_VN framework [Complete]

This is a proof of concept for a python class.

it’s only dependencies are pygame and python 3x

its buggy,ugly, but works. it uses my Moe_VN framework I wrote in Python.

I Wrote Moe_VN because using renpi wasnt allowed

Odds are I’m never going to work on this again

Fun Fact Escape from the ronin 1 is still being developed and its a text based adventure


Download Ronin 2: GitHub

Jinsei no Shoten [Stalled]

Jinsei-no-Shoten is a Ren ‘Ai Galge programmed with TyranoBuilder as a proof of concept for the up in coming Biomatter. It features Galge inspired conversion scenes and Ren ‘Ai “choose your own adventure” system. Jinsei no Shoten also features a basic morality system. Offend one person and you have to work to gain their respect.

The story revolves around Juube who recently lost a close friend. Hours before your friend death you two promise to join the photography club in high school together to make new friends. Juube joins the photography club in the friends memory and soon gains more friends than he can handle.

Most of every thing from this project has been scraped

and most of the resources will be used in future projects







Screen Shots

Home Screenscreen1screen2



Windows Mac Browser

Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo was by far one of my favorite Eroge yet. heres an synopsis:

Katawa Shoujo is a bishoujo-style visual novel set in the fictional Yamaku High School for disabled children, located somewhere in modern Japan. Hisao Nakai, a normal boy living a normal life, has his life turned upside down when a congenital heart defect forces him to move to a new school after a long hospitalization. Despite his difficulties, Hisao is able to find friends—and perhaps love, if he plays his cards right. There are five main paths corresponding to the 5 main female characters, each path following the storyline pertaining to that character.-

What drew me to this title was well…. I asked about galge on a anime forum and the site’s admin told me about this one. I found this story to be a good one. I felt that it wasn’t very complex but over all it turned out to be a great story. I complete the first story line in about four hours. It was a bit long but it has been a while since i played eroge/VN/Galge/what_ever_you_want_to_call_it. Last time I played on was about 5 years ago so needless to say it took abit to adjust. Over all I would play again.

Over all 10/10
Art 10/10
Story 10/10

here is an omited page from it (screenshot at bottom)

Screen Shots